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Beauty Company Introduces Shampoo for
$1,000 per Bottle- Guarantees Love

New salon shampoo guarantees loveLas Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) July 8, 2008 -- When is a bottle of shampoo worth one thousand dollars? Hal Robb the Managing Director for Nutralove, a Health and Beauty Company stated, "With gas north of 4 dollars per gallon or south of 5 dollars per gallon depending on how you look at it, it seems the only way to justify a bottle of shampoo selling for $1,000 is if we could actually bottle love". Robb claims that he can guarantee that each bottle contains love and not because Nutralove packs each shampoo bottle with nutrients, herbs and vitamins with its patent pending love shot ampoules but because each $1000 bottle of Love shampoo comes with a $1000 donation for St Jude's children's hospital."

Love Shampoo

"With gas north of 4 dollars per gallon or south of 5 dollars per gallon depending on how you look at it, it seems the only way to justify a bottle of shampoo selling for $1,000 is if we could actually bottle love."
"Most people talk about love as something to get, we have turned that around into something to give, and no children's charity is more worthy than St Jude's Children's Hospital," according to Robb. St. Jude's is one of the premier pediatrics hospitals in the United States specializing in solutions for cancer and other catastrophic diseases."

Because each Love shampoo always has an extra, such as our love shot ampoule stored in each cap that adds fresh and potent herbs and vitamins we have added the entire developments teams signature to each of the limited edition $1,000 bottles of Love shampoo sold during July," commented Karen Parker, General Manager of Nutralove. Additionally, Nutralove is donating 20 percent of the sales price of each shampoo sold online during the month of July.Nutralove has offices in France, Thailand and the United States and can be reached at 877-918-LOVE or at www.nutralove.com

September 7, 2009

Nutralove Joins Distinctive Partnership

J. White and Associates, Distinctive Representation firm, is pleased to announce it most recent affiliation: Nutralove. Nutralove, a vitamin manufacturer headquartered in Paris and Bangkok, brings a foundation of nutrition to this unique line of hair care products for the professional beauty industry.

“Nutralove perfectly fits our model of bringing innovative products, representing true organic growth, to our key distribution partners,” say Jeff White, President of J. White and Associates. “The unique, fully customizable concept, combined with a concise assortment of back bar and retail sizes, will drive massive retail sales at the salon level. This immediate pull-through is precisely what our distributor partners are seeking.”

“We live in an ‘I-Pod’ world, where individuals demand customization,” states Hal Robb, Nutralove’s Manager Director. More than simply a new brand, Nutralove is also introducing a new concept that combines unique patent-pending delivery systems and the connection of health and beauty that only a vitamin company can provide.”

J. White and Associates is working with Nutralove to establish an exclusive distribution network nationwide.

J. White and Associates, based in Charlotte, NC, is a national firm specializing in placing emerging market leaders with key distribution partners. J. White and Associates proudly supports the Common Good Foundation of NC.

For further information, visit www.jwhite-assoc.com, or contact us via phone (704.335.1502) or e-mail:

Jeff White – jeff@jwhite-assoc.com
Kristel White – kristel@jwhite-assoc.com
Brian Denby – brian@jwhite-assoc.com

2945 Hanson Drive
Charlotte, NC 28207
Ph/fax 704.335.1502

Nutralove named by Beauty Store Business as one of the top 10 salon brands in the United States.   |   8 - 12 November 2006 Impact Exhibition Center
Who is Nutralove?

With offices in Paris, Bangkok, and the United States, Nutralove is part of the next generation of beauty companies.

How to use Nutralove.

1. Remove top lid.
2. Remove activator.
3. Add custom amount.
4. Replace top lid and shake.

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